As used by Hank Marvin  on the 2009 - 2010 Tour

 Interview with Hank Marvin in Guitar Interactive Magazine (issue 28) following the release of his CD "Hank".

Interviewer (Lee Hodgson):

Just coming back to your album again, I read on the liner notes, TVS echo?


Yes, that is a system that had been produced in Perth by Professor Paul Rossiter. He's always been a fan of the original echo box I used, the Meazzi sold by Jennings. He got the schematics to the preamp, made one and I tell you what the difference it made to the sound was interesting. His next step was to make a whole echo box: it's not the revolving drum as the original one is, it's all electronic but I tell you what it sounds really good. It sounds as close to the original echo box as I think is possible to get and to me it's a very authentic sound and that's the one I used on the Cliff and the Shads Reunion album and in fact on this album too, the Hank album.

 Here is an endorsement by Hank Marvin as quoted in Guitarist Magazine, August 2012:

"As for now there's a guy over here in Perth, Professor Paul Rossiter, who's been a big Shadows fan since his teenage years and he always loved the sound of the Meazzi, so a few years ago he got the schematics for the preamp and built one.

And even the preamp linked to the Echoes From The Past sounded better, because it captured some of the sound that the Meazzi had.

He developed it further into a full-blown echo system, the TVS3 and when we were recording the stuff for the Cliff and the Shads reunion album I decided to try one out.

-it sounded really good.

I thought it sounded very authentic and, thanks to the preamp, slighltly better than the Echoes From The Past system. I think its a combination of digital and analog technology, its incredibly quiet and again I can have the guitar tech to wind on at the end of each number into the next echo.

I'm very impressed with that; its a really good system."

You can hear the sound of the various echo units on the  "Echoes From Then To Now"  video.

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 We are an Australian company manufacturing and operating in Perth, Western Australia.
TVS Specialty Products designs, manufactures and sells guitar effects units that emulate the sound of vintage magnetic drum and magnetic tape echoes such as Meazzi Echomatic, Binson Echorec, Meastro Echoplex, Klemt Echolette, Vox  and Roland.  There are currently three products in the range: a TVS1 which provides the basic Meazzi tone for the dry signal but requires an ancillary unit such as an Alesis Q2/20 or an RFX to provide the echoes; a TVS2 which, in addition to processing the dry signal incorporates full emulation of the sound of echoes derived from magnetic tape or drum; and a TVS3 which incorporates all of the features of the TVS2 but includes also a completely self contained multi tap analogue delay line (using bucket brigade delay chips) to produce the echoes. This unit is fully programmable so that virtually any pattern of echoes can be reproduced. A footswitch for patch selection is also available as an option for the TVS3 for its use in live performance.


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