The TVS3 arrived on Thursday. Packing was really good. Only one word for the sounds from the unit-BRILLIANT. I will get a lot of enjoyment from this. I play mainly country style but there is so much to choose from I am sure I will find a patch that will add to the sound. Thanks for the great service and the amazing product, Paul, many happy hours, I hope.


M. O’N. (June 2022)



As regards the TVS3  I am quite literally stunned at just how close to the recorded Abbey Road sound you can get. It took a while getting used to setting the AMP's up properly with bass/treble/tone etc. but now after endless experimenting I can get maybe 98% of the "THAT SOUND".

The TVS3 is a wonderful bit of kit and it's giving me a lot of fun, and inspires me to practice more and get better at playing. Just knowing that "core sound" is there all  the time quite literally at the end of my fingertips is something that as a Shadows fan makes me very happy.


S. S. (May 2022)





Just tested the unit and everything works fine and wow what a sound, I have a G3X EFTP unit and the TVS3 beats it by miles


So once again thank you for all your amazing hard work, I can’t imagine all the hours you have put into making it sound so brilliant


All the best for now to you and your team


H.J. (Dec 2021)




I receive today the TVS3 and I am very happy.

I did some tests and the echoes sound good.


P.B. (Dec 2021)



Last year I purchased from you a TVS3 (serial number 03182)

Very pleased with it I am, surprising how just turning one of the 3 knobs on the front panel can change the sound subtly.


C.M. (July 2021)



I fully tested the TVS3 over the weekend using a variety of Fender/Burns/Gretsch guitars.


The sound/echo is superb with all of them especially with my Fender USA 1989 Strat plus/Flat wounds/stock PU.


J. D’R. (June 2021)




Regarding my Meazzi v the TVS3, there's no contest. The TVS3 sounds almost identical to the Meazzi which sounds terrific as I expected, but it is temperamental and needs to be in a settled temperature before it works properly.

Therefore, for me it's the TVS3 every time. I've A - B tested them for the past couple of days and you got it right with the TVS3 , which for me has put it to bed once and for all.


D.R.(December 2021)



Thank you so much …..AND you had it boot up on ‘Wonderful Land” a big favourite of mine! It’s so cool and the tonal changes are very detailed making each preset sound exactly like the 'Hank original’ sound. Beautiful piece of gear. I am so happy to finally have a TV3.


I have already played every Shadows tune I learnt so many moons ago with it’s original sound and echos. I could go on and on but as you are reading this I’m sure you are saying, “I know, I know Peter!” lol


Can’t thank you enough for all your time and mental energy it must’ve taken to achieve the excellence inside this box.


All my best to you!


Peter Frampton(March 2021)



I have only one thing to say, I am brilliantly happy with my TVS3, it sounds fabulous with

the various patches.

Plays with UB Hank`s backing CD

I would like to thank you for the trade, and wish you all the best.

(J.B. February 2021)


Wow, the sound is unbelievable, the warmth, the crunch, the echo, it out beats the magic stomp and the Q20. Well done Mr Rossiter and the TVS team.

Now just need to set up my office so I can challenge myself to do some recording with the tracks I know.

(P.Z. January 2021)


My TVS3 is still working well and there is no doubt it blows away anything I have ever had before to try and recreate the SHADOWS sounds.

(S.H December 2020)


The French group "Foot Tapper" wishes a happy New Year's Eve to the brilliant designers of TVS3. Thank you for this magical device! (J.G December 2020)


Absolutely love my TVS3! I have a very good Meazzi Factotum and a Binson and the TVS absolutely nails them both!! (J.B December 2020)


I should send you an e-mail about the TVS3.

I must say I’ve try it for many weeks now and it’s amazing what kind of sound it makes.

I am very, very happy with the TVS3 some people are jealous about me.

Then I say you can also order one ,

Work hard and order one in Australia.

My compliments to you because you’ve made a wonderful and amazing product.

Now I understand what Hank Marvin says about it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Paul and your team.

If I record something I will send it to you so that you can listen.

For now I say bye, bye.

(WB, August 2018)


Bought my, TVS 3 about six months ago.

I had spent quite a few years searching for a unit that would sound like the, TVS sounds.  I have tried most major U.K. and Euro. Companies and outlets, but to no avail.  I learnt from the internet about a new unit from, Australia. I then searched deeper !

At last, I heard that "sound". No mistaking , there is nothing out there that sounds and operates like this unit. I baulked at the price but the sound won.  A big  thank you to all of you that made this possible.  I am still finding extra bits to explore, but the unit , for me, is " that sound". I bought it for this and I am not disappointed.

A very happy customer.

Terry ( UK)  2016


Just to let you know that the package arrived late yesterday.

What an amazing sound,the scope for adjustment of not only the echo and reverb but the tone and feel as well seem endless in combination with my vox and strat.Ive had a few of the roland space echo units and a vox long tom but none were as flexible as this.It will take a while to explore the possibilities when I have I may get back to you about further fine tuning using Para or graphic eq as previously mentioned.

Thanks for all your help and advise.

Best Regards,Peter



As the proud owner of a, T.V.S. 3 I really wanted to catch up with you all on the pleasure it has given ,not just me , but everyone that has heard it. One of the biggest points is that the people who considered me "mad" ! for spending that amount of money now are equally surprised at the sounds and closeness it has to "That Sound". A very big thank you to, Prof Paul And Spiro and indeed, all involved to make and develop this amazing unit. A Very happy customer ! Terry

TW(UK, 2016)


Thank you for the quick dispatch of the pedal. We just test the TVS 3 during a rehearsal. The result is amazing. The sustain is beautiful. At times I wondered if it was me who was playing ! You would have seen the head of my friends ! In fact, the TVS 3 improves the sound balance of the group. All that smooth power, all that warm musicality and the whole dynamic of the beautiful 60s, give new foundations to better interpret the music of the Shadows. Congratulations to the creators of the TVS 3 !



After one day of playing with my new TVS3, I am loving it.    I have never heard any box that could produce such gorgeous sounds.   I do believe that a good ear will always be able to distinguish a digital effect from a true analogue process (especially with a tube preamp in front of it).

LW (USA, 2015)


Excellent machine, now I know why Hank has got two. Love the Meazzi brill. Yes have checked out the cd and found what I want, will still log in to the TVS site as usual. In the meantime back to the strings, well done Paul.

GP (UK, 2015)


The TVS3 has arrived yesterday in perfect condition with me. After first retest with my Vox AC4 HW I was just THRILLED of this smoothness and this sound. Now am absolutely convinced that it was the right step, the TVS3 to buy instead of TVS1.

Many thanks to the SPIKE, nice and competent for his kind answers he has given for my frequently asked stupid questions. I think now I have arrived in the Shadows heaven. Now although I am a poor man (money) I am very happy.

JK (Austria, 2014)


Our costumer has now his TVS 3 and he asked me to write you an email to say thank you to you. He is the most happy man on earth!

AH (Germany, 2014)


Confirming that I picked up the TVS3 from the Maleny Post Office this morning. I then proceeded to put her through her known paces for the next several hours.

This thing simply sings its socks off. In harness with my other gear, the overall sound is at times jaw-droppingly gorgeous. There's nothing else (at least conveniently) like it.

Once adjusted into the right 'ballpark', it allows my playing (rather than the equipment) to become the major arbiter of how close to the original one gets (or at least a wonderfully authentic facsimile).

I am entirely rapt in this set-up - it makes strikingly beautiful sounds ... if I'm good enough to let it!

Thanks for your excellent work, Paul. I can hear subtle differences in the adjustment/effect of the controls and I approve heartily.

I'll devote some time later to exploring the added echo banks.

DB (Australia, 2014)


The TVS 3 has been delivered today. We have plugged it this afternoon and everything seems to be OK. In fact, in our band, I am "Bruce", and my brother Jean-Marc plays lead guitar. Our gear is composed of: Custom Shop Strat NOS 56, TC Electronic D Two associated with a Drawmer tube preamp. The TVS 3 replaces these 2 components. The amp is a VOX AC 15 HW fitted with Celestion Blue Alnico.

First impressions :

- the TVS 3 is warm and hot like the Drawmer, but more accurate and with more treble like Hank appreciate.

- the echoes are better than ours, very, very close to the Hank original job.

- the preset choice and number is more sophisticated than ours (5 or 7 manual settings Max.)

DD (France, 2014)


The TVS3 arrived yesterday in perfect condition with me. After first retest with my Vox AC4 HW I was of this smoothness and this sound just THRILLED. Now am absolutely convinced that it was the right step, the TVS 3 to buy instead of TVS1. Many thanks to the SPIKE nice and competent for his kind answers.

I arrived in the Shadows heaven. Now although I am a poor man (money) but very Happy.

JK (Germany, 2014)


Dear Paul thought I'd just drop you a line to say what a great sounding piece of equipment the TVS3 is. I only play in my own home but the sound of the Shads is perfect.

NW (UK, 2014)


You may write in your testimonials that I'm very pleased with the TVS3.

I've tested it and I must say it is worth every penny I've paid.

In the seventies I used a Dynacord Echolette delay.

Now the TVS3 reminded me of that sound, only the TVS3 is much, much better.

After searching a while with knob settings I've found that sound.

Paul I realise now that you and your team have spent a lot of time and research in this project, so Respect.

RV (Belgium, 2014)


Just to let you know that my TVS3 came this morning safe and sound. I haven't had the chance to spend too much time yet but I've mounted it in my rack system, played through a couple tunes and pre-sets, sounds great so far, thank you!

SJ (UK, 2014)


Just to let you know that I'm very, very happy with my purchase of the TVS3 and commend you on producing such a wonderful unit.

TT (Australia, 2014)


Now all is ready with the TVS3.The sound very shadows is perfectly nice. Good job Paul, thank you for your help.

AC (France, 2014)


I've got it, I have received a call on Monday from the customs of Nouméa and I went directly there to take the package. The TVS 3 is now at home, whaoo!!!! It sounds magical; I am very excited and very happy to play with it. It's incredible, so clear and calm, it's a very good made and you are a magician Paul. I'll have a rehearsal with my band next Tuesday, and I will make a big surprise for the guys playing with me. Thank you so much.

AP (New Caledonia, 2014)


I played around with the TVS3 last night. My immediate impression is it's a very quiet machine! It does sound very much like a Meazzi...or Vox Long Tom. Awesome machine!

RJ (Australia, 2014)


Collected a very well packaged TVS3 from Parceforce this afternoon and played some Shadows songs through it and was most surprised at how faithfully it reproduced the sound of the Shadows - an excellent product and well worth the money. Once again, many thanks for an excellent product.

AR (UK, 2014)


Just a quick email to say that i am very pleased with the TVS3 and pedal. It is magic worth every dollar that I paid for it.

MC (UK, 2014)


My TVS3 arrived safely today and it works very well indeed. After years of using the Q20 I suddenly have a fabulous new sound.

RA (Tasmania, 2013)


The TVS3 works perfect, it is wonderful to play with such an equipment. Many, many thanks for a good product.

OO (Denmark, 2013)


My TVS3 arrived on Tuesday - only got a chance last evening to hook it up and try it out. WOW - I just love the sound - straight out of the box - without playing with my amp settings I had THAT SOUND !!!

Thanks for providing such excellent service.

In hindsight I should have ordered a TVS 3 but just felt I should see if the TVS 1 would improve my sound (using the Zoom RFX2000)

I am sure I will be making attempts to sell the Zoom in the near future.

JL (Australia, 2013)


Good news (for me), the TVS3 arrived today.

I was very impressed with the packaging and the unit arrived in good condition. I quickly set it up and ran through my Shadows song list and everything is working fine.

Early observations are that it is good to have some analogue controls to fine tune echo level and duration. I am not keen about mucking around with digital set-ups as what suits me today requires adjustment tomorrow.

Another pleasant early observation is the zero noise from the unit, this is impressive.

I guess sore fingers will be the norm for a while whilst I get used to the unit.

Thanks for your excellent service and a great product

KC (Australia, 2012)


Firstly may I say that I am rapt with the TVS3, the Shadows echoes are beautiful and as I play mainly jazz I find that some of the patches are ideal to add a subtle little echo and a singing sustain which greatly enhances my ability to sound good. I took the unit to Brisbane and demonstrated it to some guitarist friends and they now call me L.H. (Little Hank).

KS (Australia, 2012)


Sorry that I inform of the arrival of the package so late. It arrived already on the 13.09 and I got it in perfect condition when I arrived from Spain. Thank you once more that you could send it so quickly!

You can believe me that her is a very happy man!! The TVS 3 echo is fantastic! Next Saturday we have our 50 years celebration concert and I very much look forward to playing with it there.

SN (Finland, 2012)


The TVS3 has arrived and I am totally satisfied with it!!! My sound is now much "warmer" and the echoes brings life to each tune. You have done a great job!!! Thank you guys!!

PL (Sweden, 2012)


The package is arrived and connected to my guitar and combo. Wonderful sounds that reminds me when I was 13. The echo pre-set number 1 which corresponds to "mustang" is fantastic (the others too) and I noticed there are other pre-sets corresponding to others songs not from the Shadows. Number 42 is very good to my ears.

So congratulations for your electronic design ! Really a super achievement.

Now I am going to generate my own echoes using the software.

DL (France, 2011)


To achieve "the sound", I started off with the Line 6 DL4, *Yamaha MS, *Zoom G2.1Nu, then *Alesis Q20 (*with EFTP). I was satisfied with the Q20, until I learned about the TVS3 and it is a "must have". The time I placed the order and delivered at my door in a little less than three (3) weeks was truly exceptional. Kudos to the packaging, very well protected. I noticed that the sound coming out from my amp is very clean (no static or any interference from my other equipment), unlike before. I like the way you can fine tune the unit to duplicate Hank's sound, as close as possible. It is the Rolls Royce of the industry, truly amazing. A very well engineered unit, indeed. I now spend more time and enjoy playing my guitar because I found "the sound".

Thanks for all the time and hard work spent in producing the TVS3 for all of us Shads die hard fans.

EB (USA, 2011)


The package have arrived yesterday, you have done a real great job to create and built this echo, you are a man which is working precise !!!

Now I´m looking for my sound, you should know I have used since more than 12 years my EFTP echo´s (q20) the sound is very different, the TVS3 sound is really much closer to the Meazzi, Long Tom …

I have tested the TVS3 like a TVS1 with the EFTP and the EFTP brings a closer vintage sound but never the TVS3 sound -very good.

JL (Austria, 2011)

Will share with you some songs where I use TVS3.

And it is truly magical!

RT (Sweden, 2011)


Just letting you know that my TVS 3 arrived today and I'm very happy with it, I would like to thank you and Spiro for all of your help.

MB (Australia, 2011)


After a first test, I can confirm that everything works fine and sounds fantastic.

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

AdP (Belgium, 2011)


TVS3 arrived this morning. FANTASTIC!!!! Really great sounding. So close to original. Much different to the Q20 I have. It went far beyond my expectations, when I turned it on. I spent four hours with it this afternoon. I am very surprised. My old Vox and my old guitars sound so great. A completely new feeling. Like it was 50 years ago.

BJ (Denmark, 2011)


This morning, I have doing the first musicals tests.

Everything seems perfect and the sound is as I was wanted for, after my Alain Saiget visit.

It works absolutely fantastic .you know i have two JMI amplifiers and the TVS3 is set between my Strat and the JMI in booster and the result is wonderful ; I do not regret at all the expense and I thank you for your assistance and courtesy Great deal kind regards

JPB (France, 2011)


Well I've been experimenting with the TVS now for a couple of weeks now, and I've to say this unit is fantastic, as I thought it would be but I feel like I am cheating, I get goose bumps down my spine when I play some Shadows tunes

RG (Australia, 2011)


This is an awesome machine, and definitely the new threshold for anything else that claims to be the best.

TY (Singapore, 2011)


The unit arrived last night, very carefully packed.... safe and sound.

The build quality is of a very high and professional standard, you have obviously spent a lot of time on the functionality of the unit.

It appears to be very user friendly.

However a couple of questions;

(1) Are the patches loaded onto the machine? and

(2) What does the 'pos' refer to on the track list?

I can't wait till the weekend to have some time to play around with it.

Thanks' a million.

RM (Australia, 2010)


The TVS3 and the foot switch works perfectly.

I enjoy it every day playing on it (when I am not working with take too much time) it's worth every penny or AUD for me!

PLL (Netherlands, 2010)


Sorry for my long silence but I was so ill in October I couldn't play music (and not use the TVS3)...

But as I felt better in November, I could use TVS3 for just 1 rehearsal before my concert last Saturday. My sound was fantastic for each number.

Very easy to use on stage with the foot pedal (and my tracks list)!

I'm really happy with my "new toys"....

Many thanks again for all!

BB (France, 2010)


I used to have 2 Q20 EFTP echoes as well at one point. When I heard your echo I could tell the difference straight away and had to have one. But around the end of 2007 I was a bit short of cash and knew the TVS would sell so I regrettably sold it on to Robbo. I have been after my old unit for about 9-10 months approx. and the owner couldn't make his mind up so I sold a few things saved a few pennies done some overtime at work and brought another unit from you which has got the newer updates etc. already & sounds amazing. And the after sales advice and emails are just brilliant some companies wouldn't even bother to answer emails about their products after you had brought it or give you any tips. Then I found out that my old unit was for sale as I had first refusal from the owner, as I emailed Spike it might not mean anything to some people but this was the first TVS 3 echo in the UK and I had it so I thought I'm going to get back some day & I have & it should be here Tuesday next week all be well. Hope this makes sense to you Paul or am I being just to sentimental? Best wishes to all at TVS and will keep you posted.

SB (UK, 2010)


The TVS3 has arrived! I have just had time to setup the unit and play it for a few minutes. It is excellent.

Thank you so much for all your help in processing the order for me.

MB (Australia, 2010)


TVS3 arrived safely and in perfect working order. Thank you so much for your very efficient service. Unfortunately my wife has become a TVS3 widow!

RO (UK, 2010)


Just to let you know that today I took my TVS3 to Dave Robinson's where Daniel Martin and he were laying a few tracks down in the studio. The result was a resounding 'Awesome'. Daniel had only played through a TVS before somewhere else and was not sure of its capabilities and said it didn't sound anything like mine, obviously due to some kind of pilot error by the owner I suppose. Today I drove it between 7-8 and tweaked the echo/duration etc. and it sounded amazing, we were all seduced by its performance. It has a certain magic without a doubt.

RO (UK, 2010)


I am not one of the big-guns on anorak-sound but do own a TVS3. I use it with a GA15 Harley Benton which has been modified with Power Scaling and Pentode/Triad mode 3 band EQ function making it really a Class 'A' amp so please don't dismiss it because it’s not a VOX. With the short time I've had the TVS3 I have attempted re-creating the guitar sound on the demo's on the TVS site which I seem to be able to achieve fairly easily just by EQ'ing the amp and using the very useful 'CUT' mode on the TVS3. I have also been able to re-create a lot of the original Shadows recordings and of course I am only referring to the characteristic of the lead guitar sound on these.

Just my opinion but I believe the TVS3 has that original characteristic ingredient that's necessary, especially the fact that even I can get close which is why I bought it in the first place plus just wanting a quality echo box for anything else I might want to play. The Meazzi Emulation is quite interesting with its different levels of dirt and tone that's available and to me if you can come up with the correct EQ curve and probably the Vox tone the elusive 'APACHE' is achievable. I think this recording is cracking example of its replication notwithstanding the missing colour of the Abbey Road equipment. Obviously opinions will differ but I don't think anyone can deny that its mighty close and well done to Gary and the team.

AP (UK, 2010)


Having spent the last few weeks listening to the best echo machines available to us, including recordings of Justin's Meazzi which sounds great, I have to concede that the best and closest sound to the original Shadows recordings were from the TVS3, which was brought around to my studio by Tony Parnham who allowed Daniel Martin and I to make recordings and do comparison tests against Alesis Quads, Magicstomp, ESE Echomatic, Binson Echorec, Watkins Copicat IC400 and the Zoom machines. All the machines were more than acceptable, but the TVS3 has something that gives the 'magic'.

I heard Justin's Meazzi on the Tilburg videos on You Tube and it does sound great, but it isn't the recorded sound that the TVS3 delivers. We took turns in playing through an AC30/4, Vox Heritage AC15 as well as a humble Vox ADT30 and they all sounded equal when recorded with the TVS3, then when we D.I'd it into the desk, the magic was still evident. I know it's expensive, but it is the business, I'll post a demo of The Savage soon for everyone to hear.

DR (UK, 2010)


I've just read the basic set-up information and given it a run with my Custom Shop 56 NOS Stratocaster fitted with 12/52 strings and my Vox AC30 Heritage Amp.

WOW !!!!!!!!

What a sound, what a difference. As you say, there is a new character, ambience and dimension to the sound that is unique to the TVS3 and which is such a vital ingredient of the early Shadows' sound. I love all early The Shadows' tracks from 1960-62, and the TVS3 brings them all back to life. When I replaced an RFX2000 with the Q20 I thought 'my sound' took a big leap forward, but the TVS3 takes it to a different level altogether. I am so glad that I took the plunge and decided to buy. It was the right decision.

I'll have a quiet sit down later and read all the instructions; I am sure I will have some questions for you so don't be surprised if you get a few e-mails over the coming weeks; at the moment I am taking one step at a time.

So .. many thanks again for taking the time to answer all my pre-purchase questions. I am absolutely delighted with the unit and I am looking forward to trying it out on all my Shadows' favourites.

IE (UK, 2009)


I had played with this unit only once so far upon receipt, and was quickly amazed with the beautiful tones achieved by turning the knob. Although have not much time to play around with it yet, but gradually will do so as it is a fantastic echo unit and which will keep me busy during my free time.

Soon I hope to invite some old friends home for a nice jam to let them enjoy playing with it too, and will contact you for some more help if necessary. Up to this moment, you had given me already some very useful and knowledgeable information which I don't know until getting to know you. Thanks again mate! And I started again to enjoy playing the music much more with my guitar and the TVS3.

AW (Singapore, 2009)


I have now had a chance to play extensively with the TVS and I have to say that I am delighted with it. It took a while to match it with my own set up, both through amp and home direct through mixer etc., but I am beginning to get those sounds of the early years which, for me, defines 'that sound'.

I was always pleased with the echoes from my Q2 but the TVS takes the sound to another level entirely.

Whilst others are spending a lot more money on repros of the 'original' Strat and other Custom models, I am more than pleased that I invested in the TVS. Funnily enough, I get the best vintage sound from my Burns Shadow Custom De-Luxe as opposed to my US '57 vintage re-issue (I can't make it sound like a Burns, though!)

TB (UK, 2009)


Well, what can I say? 'wow' it’s fantastic. I have two Q20's and they are brilliant but the TVS3 puts the icing on the cake. It gives that warmth to the sound that I have been looking for. I am not in the same class as you and your team as far as playing goes but I enjoy it. I have only tried it for a short time today, I am looking forward to giving it a longer go over the coming days. Really, really, happy with it. What a sound!!

BP (UK, 2009)


I received the chips for upgrading my TVS3 safely. I installed them without problems.

You are really a brilliant guy! Congratulation for your invention.

CP (France, 2009)


I wanted to let you know that the goods arrived on Wednesday, beautifully packaged, with all items as listed, in excellent condition. I did have the opportunity to try out the TVS3 yesterday, and it sounds great in combination with my Vox AC30CC2. Until this point, I have used a Yamaha Magicstomp with Charlie Hall's EFTP patches, which gives a very authentic Shadows sound, but the Shadows echo patches on the TVS3 are simply the best. I look forward to many hours of happy playing!

Thanks again for such a fine product and have a great weekend.

JS (USA, 2009)


I have a Roland Chorus Echo model SRE 555 sitting in the cupboard and I’m looking for a new home where it can receive as much loving as it has received here. It is surplus to my needs now as I purchased a TVS3 unit recently.

The TVS3 is unbelievable. Just go to the TVS website and listen to the Juke Box selection.

KL (Australia, 2008)


I went at Alain's place last Monday and, with the help of the manuals, we were able to get a proper functioning of the TVS3 + Pedal + Software. I installed the TVS Software on his computer and we had the data exchange working.

Alan played a few songs and it's astounding to hear how the TVS settings generate Hank Marvin's sounds. Congratulations for your product.

DB (France, 2008)


I love the TVS3 ...

I was booked to play at a birthday party last sat. nite at my Bedford bowling club ....& although I mostly sing to karaoke backing tracks ....when I did an instrumental bracket with tvs3 so many people just were amazed at the sound & said so later

JN (Australia, 2008)


The packing was professional (the best I've seen till now)

The time for me to print the documentation and it was time to test it.

It's quite a heavy unit! Must be full of goodies !

So I plugged a Fender Custom Shop Strat into the TVS3 then into my JMI AC 15 as I think that its sound is closer to the original VOX AC 15, of which it's a pure clone, than the VOX AC15 Heritage (I have both)

Hopefully I was playing seated because when I started playing Wonderful Land my jaw dropped badly and my legs were getting weak.

Then Sleepwalk, Peace Pipe, Blue Star etc...

It was a dream come true.

Although I'll never reach the playing ability of Gary, the fact to play with the actual sound of the original melody brings a sheer pleasure unknown to other people (save for the happy few who own a TVS3.

Later I plugged the output of the TVS3 into my ESE Echomatic VI (which is also a fantastic machine) and the addition of the emulated Meazzi sound brought another dimension to the final sound.

Using the TVS3 is quite straightforward and as I'm a lazy guy, using the existing patches is a real plus for me but I'll certainly do my own patches as the possibility exists.

So I have to thanks your Team for this superb work the qualities of which being obvious as soon as you plug a guitar into the unit.

AS (France, 2008)


Just wanted to say a big Thank You for a wonderful product-It works marvellously.

The Shads songs sounded so good. My mate in Townsville Gert at the Music Warehouse first alerted me to your site, although

I was aware of it, and he was so enthusiastic-We played together in a band in Townsville in the early 90's when I had a Music Shop there and we keep in touch as I am now working in wholesale here at Pro Music which is an importer of musical products and suppliers to the Music Retailers Australia wide. This is a great product

And I will sing it's praises to anyone who enquires. Once I get to rerecord the guitar tracks on our web site I will have your product name and contact info

In there somewhere for any sales I can get you

Once again Paul, Thank you so much for this and your excellent service Feel free to give my name and contact info to anyone who may want to purchase one of these

IK (Australia, 2008)


Well I am that very lucky person who bought that TVS3 from Dave Robbo, and like many of us here and around the world have been trying for most of my life to get that SOUND.

I now find in retirement I can afford to buy things that I couldn't before, so why not (don't tell the missus).

Like most people I have played in Groups Bands live etc., but finding Hank's sound has been lifetime of frustration fighting, plugging in different echo units (tried them all) from Charlie Halls excellent units to the Atlantis to ESE (4 Head) Vox Long Tom (which I loved most of all, for the tunes I like to play the Group 1961 Ronnie Gustaphson) but something still missing.!! not echo because they all deliver excellent Echoes so what is it?

Now I’m not setting myself up to be some kind of know-all, far from it, just my findings over the years.

Since coming home Wednesday last after buying the TVS I have not been able to put the guitar down, this machine does everything I have looked for over the last 30 years or so. What is it? Well I'm not technical about things, (I just about know what a valve looks like) but this machine delivers in spades the SOUND, it does something to the tone that makes it just like the early Hanks sound and I love it, yes a lot of money and I'm very privileged and proud to own it, so very well done to all the guys concerned down there in OZ, and thanks to Robbo and his missus for their kindness.

Thanks Alain yes, I'm really enjoying the TVS can't stop playing, my fingers are sore, I did have an ESE but sold it on, an excellent machine, but I now have what I've been looking for.

PD (UK, 2008)


All is OK, very, very good machine, smooth work,...very, very happy !

DL (France, 2008)


I received the TVS3 safely. Super!

You are very strong, congratulations

CP (France, 2008)


After rearranging our weekend slightly I was delighted to be able to get over to the nearby Batley IDL Club this lunchtime where Dave was performing and I'm so glad I did.

If you haven't seen Dave perform solo, then I can tell you its worth the effort as his selection of material is first class with strong vocals and great instrumental tunes.

I made the effort simply because I wanted to hear the TVS3 in a live situation and I wasn't disappointed. The only way I can describe the guitar sound is that it sings!

Instrumentals that Dave played included The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Going Home, Ghost Riders, Telstar, The Savage and of course Apache and FBI which had the crowd cheering and whistling. His Hank type solos in The Young Ones, Got A Funny Feeling and Move It sounded stunning and even the Scotty Moore and James Burton licks in the Elvis and Ricky Nelson numbers had me considering reaching for the cheque book for one of these echo machines. All of this through his terrific Bose PA system and a little Vox amp and my ay advice, check it out.

My verdict upon hearing the TVS3 for myself: 10 out of 10. It does what it says on the tin and sounds pure vintage Meazzi when required

AR (UK, 2008)


I always listen to your work Dave and these latest recordings with the TVS are very impressive. They are all excellent but I have my favourite four because of their authenticity which are Kon Tiki, Wonderful Land, The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt and FBI, all of which make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up.

BW (UK, 2008)


I called in to see Dave Robbo perform with the TVS3 tonight and I can certainly vouch for it as the machine to own out of the bunch. There is an element of sound that one only hears in those early recordings and I heard it for the first time live tonight and it is truly magic. I have listened to these sound files of Wonderful Land , FBI and Flingel Bunt and it's there on the recordings too. The TVS3 is expensive true, but it does the job and I applaud you Dave for daring to go there and can tell you it is worth it mate

C (UK, 2008)


I used the TVS3 at my gig tonight - plugged into the Vox DA5 which was D.I'd into the Bose system. I can honestly say that it sang and is without doubt the best early Shads sound I have ever used, it sounded like the old records. I never thought that I would be saying that but it's fact, as Tony mentioned in a previous post.

DR (UK, 2008)


I got as close as I thought possible with the fantastic ESE Echomatic with the above kit, but an opportunity arose to buy the TVS3 and having heard all of the sound files on this site I decided to go for it - at the risk of buying something that I already had but I heard something in those sound files that I wasn't hearing in my own work so I went for it and I'm pleased that I did, because it has given me the 'mojo' that I was seeking. Many will argue that it isn't worth £xxxx more than they or indeed I have already spent, but I stoutly defend my decision and will enjoy using it and get many hours of pleasure from it.

DR (UK, 2008)


Earlier today I rang Dave Robbo in order to collect Lead 8 as I only live around 15 mins away.

On my arrival he kindly invited me in to have a look at the TVS3 and was treated to a firsthand demonstration of this machine without the intrusive compression which you get on a computer from wma/mp3 files.

Just bearing in mind I am now only a bedroom player but have owned ; The Zoom's 2200, G7 1ut, G2, Alesis Q2 and now the Magicstomp with Charlie Hall's excellent echoes running though a Vox DA5 amp. I was then privy to a comparison of 'Apache' , first the original recording by The Shadows, then Dave's using the ESE echomatic both DI'd and running through the mixer desk the same. The ESE echomatic sounded great and was very close to the original, and then I heard the sound of the TVS3 and believe me the sound of the vintage original Meazzi was unmistakeably there, Hank's original Apache was being seriously reproduced by the TVS3

I also heard MOM, Mustang and the Stranger reproduced equally the same whether Di'd or through the amp AC 30 or DA5 or otherwise. It was quite blatant to my ears the TVS3 sound overshadows the overall sound of the other units I have owned. This unit is laid out very well and would be pleasing to a bedroom player or a gigging musician and is programmable and to boot you can turn off the old Meazzi sound and work with any genre of music you want.

Although this might look like a sales pitch for the TVS team (who I don't know) it’s not, but I have to say this is a very, very attractive product and probably what Shadow fans have been striving for a long time

Tony (UK, 2008)


Matilda just used today the TVS 3.

For the first time, we have got the pleasure to find again the ambiance of the Meazzi Echos without a Meazzi. The resounding reverb behind the main effect is wonderful.

I used personally a MEAZZI Echomatic in the past and we found again this afternoon the entire echo of the old tape engines of the past... GREAT!!!! Matilda is very surprised as the box is very simple to use. She says a big thank you to the owner of this new echo unit for loaning it today.

She congratulates the maker on this box…

Pierre (France, 2008)


I am now a very lucky owner of the TVS 3 and I have to say it`s sound like a old Meazzi. This machine delivers the Sound and I love it. I will send a sound file later.

I am so glad I bought it.

Thanks to the TVS team.

TM (Norway, 2008)


I put the TVS3 through its paces with my AC15 Heritage today. Wow! What a nice vintage Shads ' sound! It’s great. Nothing comes close to it. Now I hear the TVS in its full element. The guts and punch and grit all come flying out now. The TVS3 is great!

This 'Shaddie' band has been together for 36 years! Yes the tvs3 wowed them to bits. I had comments like , 'really nice', 'and all programmed?', 'really smooth sound', 'the echoes are so accurate', the 'echo "halo" effects are great'.

They are hoping for a repeat soon.

CL (Singapore, 2008)


I used the TVS3 through the AC30/4 with the band tonight and the sound was exactly the same in a live situation as when recording. To say I'm delighted with it would be an understatement!

DR (UK, 2008)


These tracks are great and I think maybe they are the most authentic to date. I thought there was too much compression on Atlantis but in the right ball park. This TVS3 is to my ears an improvement on the digital stuff. I also rated the ESE tracks but there's an air of authentic tone in the TVS3 that I have yet to put my finger on.

Flingel Bunt blew me away with the accuracy of that echo patch and to my ears the remake of Wonderful Land has the sound of the original undubbed version by The Shadows.

Eric (UK, 2008)


Further to my demo from Dave Robbo last Sunday afternoon I have reflected over the past two days as to whether the TVS performs at a club/pub as well as it did in a small studio etc., so at 8.30 last night I made a snap decision to visit the Dusty Miller pub in the next village where I knew Dave Robbo was gigging with the band.

I was only able to stop for one spot. He opened with ' Kon-Tiki' and closed with ' The Stanger' both early tracks running through his AC 30. The Meazzi sound was the same as it was in the studio, so it appears to be evident whatever the environment you want to play in.

Tony (UK, 2008)


“My verdict upon hearing the TVS3 for myself 10 out of 10. It does what it says on the tin and sounds pure vintage Meazzi when required”.

On reading that message, I had to smile, because a while back ,while discussing the TVS and how marvellous it sounded (from Spikes sound demos) ,someone asked me well "How does it sound !?!?" Well, sitting there trying to conjure up an explanation and looking like a dummy I finally blurted out “I don't know, it just SINGS !" This to my way of thinking, is the only way to explain, something that is unexplainable .That word "Sings" has been used by many others in their explanations as well

AS (France, 2008)


These latest tracks totally blew me away sound wise Robbo, though I have heard you play better, but you did apologise up front.  As you say it's a lot of money but it's more than worth it because it's right.

I applaud Paul Rossiter for his skill and Spike for introducing this to us, I know Robbo will do it justice and I wish TVS all the very best in success.

Eric (UK, 2008)


I remain totally enthralled with the TVS3. The only extra functionality I might desire would be to have some fine degree of tone control over the echoes themselves, in which case I'd roll off the bass slightly to 'heat up' the mids. Perhaps this is buried in the patch software somewhere ... I won't dare fiddle with any of the card trimpots for the obvious reasons. What I have noticed is that, by reducing the TVS3 Input volume to about 3, I'm getting something better approaching what I'm after [tighter echo edge, more upper mids a la 1961], as opposed to the broader, woolier sounds at about 5 [more like 1962]. I replaced the TVS3 12AX7/ECC83 valve with a GE 12AX7A/7025 (noted for a sharper, cleaner sound) and this tightened things up a tiny bit. Still, it's a moving feast with the amount of tonal control which I do now have anyway - and I'm stumbling upon tonal revelations almost every time I play. Actually, the main difficulty I have is to recall precise settings for later dependable reproducibility of tones (I mean, a smidgeon here and a nudge there makes for surprising variations, particularly of the VOX/Korg units). It's an embarrassment of riches - I'll have to start taking notes/making settings diagrams (an idea which I have studiously avoided until now).

I remain a very happy camper indeed, thanks to you guys.

RB (Australia, 2007)


The dry signal sound of the TVS2 is good, but more listen to it, the more I felt that something, maybe just a little bit, is missing. The TVS3 equally answers this, in a beautiful way. The echo head distortion of the TVS3 emulates exactly like what Hank did with his Meazzi on his records.

I'm very happy with this master-piece. I'll certainly recommend it to my friends, or anyone who's interested in this type of music.

TY (Singapore, 2007)










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